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Underglow with many different options


Our UnderGlow Kit from Niscarda is the perfect set with tons of different options!

Your LED strips can be controlled by an app and/or by remote, depending of which model you choose. You can choose from fixed light, rainbow effect, flowing and it can also be activated by sound so the lights will “dance” to your music using sensors. Check out our short clip below to get to know our UnderGlow Kit.

The available measurements in centimeters are:

– Remote 90×2 – 120×2
– Remote 90×4 – 180×2
– Remote 60×2 – 150×2
– Remote 90×2-150×2
– Remote 60×4 – 150×2

– App 90×2 – 120×2
– App 90×4 – 180×2
– App 60×2 – 150×2
– App 90×2 – 150×2
– App 60×4 – 150×2

Get noticed and your car will never be as much fun to drive than with your own underglow kit!

Underglow design

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UnderGlow Kit

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