LED Neon Underglow Kit with Remote Control – 2×120 + 2×150 cm


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Easy to install LED underglow kit from us at UnderGlowShop.com!

This underglow kit is delivered with remote control and with 2×90 + 2×120 cm.

Voltage: DC12V
Color: RGB multi-color
Light source: 5050 super bright LED

How to install:
First, clean and wipe down the location where the strip lights will be installed. must not contain dust and water droplets Next tear off the double sided tape of the light strip. Attach short light bars in the front and back. The long light bar is attached to the left and right. after immobilization Use clips and screws to secure the light bar on the car chassis. Hide the wires. Pull the wires into the engine compartment. Locate the fuse box. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery. and the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery

1. 『High Quality LED Chips』 Wireless remote control color changing. flashing mode and music mode Create a colorful gradient mode. Upgrade high-intensity SMD 5050 LED chip, provide more light. Enhance the look and feel of your car with bright lighting effects.

2. 『SOUND ACTIVE & MUSIC DECORATION』The LED Neon Underglow Car Light also features 8 color flashing modes with a sound sensor that allows the in-car glow to synchronize with the beat of the music. Flashing to fit the strength of sound, brightness adjustable

3. 『Universal Compatibility』 The under car lights have a voltage that is compatible with 12V. The LED under car lights are waterproof and come with built-in overload protection. therefore can be used safely It can be used for almost all cars. Suitable for under wheel arches around the grille Under the footwell, in the trunk, along the dash

4. 『Easy to install』Adhesive LED strip light kit. (with black strap), flexible and easy to install. Designed with flexible hoses Protected from harsh road conditions and debris. High quality material and low temperature resistance.

5. 『Colorful & More Energy-Saving』 LED under-car glow system, colorful, beautiful, it can be bent, folded with your imagination to create your atmosphere. Gives a stylish look to any area where you might want to place it. .Even though it’s very bright But it saves energy well. So you don’t have to worry about energy consumption.

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